Saturday, August 21, 2010

And she's off!

Yesterday, we took our oldest child, Brianna, to college for the first time. When we first met Brianna, she was 13 months old, 16 pounds, and she had an attitude that let you know exactly how she felt at all times. She hasn't changed much - well, she weighs just a little more, but the attitude is still intact. She's young, thanks to Maryland's cutoff date for Kindergarten - she turned 17 in December - and she's uh, how should I say this? Height challenged? Let's just say she makes me look tall. She wasn't at college for more than a couple of hours before somebody told her she was too little to be there. Having gone through college with the dreaded nickname of Little Lisa, I feel her pain.

She's ready for college - and most days, I'm ready for her to be there. Plus she chose Winthrop, my alma mater - and my husband's - so we felt that we were taking her to a familiar place. With a lot of new buildings. And a microwave, fridge, and wireless internet in her dorm.

I don't think it has really sunk in yet that she's gone for more than a few days. Her dog Maxie is looking for her, but he doesn't seem worried yet. I've talked to her and chatted on Facebook (something else that wasn't around when I was in college) today - she's settling in, getting her textbooks, going to the mandatory fun events, and trying out her new coffeepot. Me? I haven't started getting used to just counting 4 heads, not 5, when we're out and about. I'm too busy remembering that tiny baby who had just flown across the world to meet us, the one who screamed like crazy when her escort handed her to me, then got quiet, put her head on my shoulder, and held on to me for dear life. It's hard to let go of that hold, but it's time. I just don't know where all that time in between went.

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