Monday, December 13, 2010

Cookie Day at our house

Usually, we make fudge and candy cane cookies and orange balls for Christmas goodies. We haven't marked those deliciousnesses off our list this year, but we have added a few newbies. Yesterday we tried this recipe from Jamie Cooks It Up. Wow! Everything on her blog looks so delicious!

They were a hit! We shared some with our neighbors across the street, but mostly they disappeared as fast as we could frost them. We didn't have any red food coloring, so we used green - which worked since these have a minty flavor. Yum!

The cookies are super easy since you make them from devil's food cake mix:

Here's Lauryn's favorite part: putting on the peppermint-y icing!

Here's what they look like all finished. I'm glad I took a picture because they were gone so fast I would have forgotten what they looked like!

I was excited to find this recipe from Aarti Party. We love just about any food with an Indian twist (for obvious reasons!) We even make Curried Latkes every year during Chanukah. These gingerbread cookies use garam masala - our favorite blend of Indian spices. It's very subtle in the cookie - and they aren't overly sweet like so many holiday treats. I made these with ingredients we already had: didn't have any molasses, but had some sorghum syrup which worked well. We also didn't have any fresh ginger, but I used powered and the cookies definitely have a good ginger flavor.

Here's Lauryn cutting out the shapes:

Not a great picture of the finished product - and my poor cookie sheet obviously gets a lot of use! We used mini chocolate chips for the eyes and buttons and a little blue icing. Like I said, we used what we had on hand, but they were yummy!

More cookies to come! Especially since Brianna will be home from college TOMORROW!!

One more recipe! These chocolate cookies have an Andes mint melted on top - so yummy! There were a big hit at Jacob's Court of Honor - much to the dismay of the other Arnolds when there were none left to bring home. Chocolate Mint Cookies

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