Tuesday, January 11, 2011

It's deja vu all over again!

Didn't I just write a post about snow? As in it was snowing at our house? It happened again. This is becoming embarrassing. For years, as in all their lives, I've knowingly told my children to enjoy the snow in Maryland because it rarely snows in South Carolina. I told them they could go years without seeing snow. So far they've seen 8" of snow at our temporary home this past February and *3*, count 'em *3* snows here in Anderson in the past month. This latest snow was a big one in that it snowed all over the southeast. We didn't really have that much - 5-6" in our yard, but the sun has not come out and the temps have stayed low (17 degrees tonight, yikes!) so the snow is not melting quickly like it usually does in these parts. Tomorrow is the third school snow day. Which is fine with me - but might not be quite so fine when they have to make up those days! I think I'll just be like Scarlett O'Hara and worry about that tomorrow.

So here you go, pictures of snow in the South. In no particular order. It's gorgeous. I never get tired of it. Oh, and since Jacob's English lesson today was on plagiarism, I'd better cite my source and say that my title was originally and supposedly said by Yogi Berra.

Lauryn built the World's Smallest Snowman and named him Bob.

Here we are (minus Brianna - at Winthrop - and Mom - taking the picture - on the way to The Fox for dinner. An advantage of being close to downtown: walkability.

From the driveway

Here's something you don't see every day.

Snow on the air conditioner. That'll cool you down. hahahahaha

Ranger and Maxie playing in the snow, having flashbacks to Maryland. Her Royal Scoutness wanted no part of it.

Dogwood tree


Lauryn out front before the snow stopped.

View from our front door.


Ranger wondering if he's back in Maryland. Remembering Snowmageddon of 2010.

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