Saturday, May 21, 2011

Herb/Tomato/Butterfly Garden

I've mentioned this before, but part of living in an older home is the older vegetation outside. Which is really wonderful. We have great big tall hardwood trees all through the backyard, the 2 (Supposedly, according to the Clemson Extension Service) tallest palms in the upstate, and 2 beautiful and stately dogwood trees in front. The result of all this treeness is an abundance of shade - and not many sunny spots for vegetable gardens. So in the one dependably sunny spot, we have a collection of sun-loving plants: pepper and tomato (there are *15* tomatoes on that biggest plant, along with a lot of blooms), some herbs, and our butterfly garden. My shade-loving plants, tender basil, impatiens, and some others, are in pots on the shady brick patio on the other side of the house. So here you have our sunny garden, at various times of today, including one shot through the wavy old glass window of the dining room. I'm going with wavy glass instead of dirty glass 'cause that's an advantage of living in This Old House.

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  1. Beautiful garden! Those tomatoes look great... ours are going crazy too! :)