Tuesday, August 2, 2011


Today we are going to make Fig Arnolds, from fresh figs picked from the large bush outside our kitchen window. We made these last summer and they were a big hit. These figs are very popular with our backyard neighbors, the birds and the squirrels. As I type this, 2 mockingbirds are fighting over the figs - which are ripening quickly in this heat. There's a little squirrel who enjoys picking a fig, relaxing on a branch and taunting me by chowing down on his fig of choice while staring at me through the kitchen window. But really, there are plenty to go around and they were here before we were.


  1. Lisa, I've been hoping to find you again! I found you on Shecki's blog. I remember when I first started my pattern business you had mentioned adoption and when we last spoke, you had just either started your second daughter's adoption or just finished it. Well, I now have four little girls from China! My baby just came home in June. My teens have been with me a year, and my 9.5 yr. old has been home 28 months. I'm still single, but hope to complete my family with a dad/husband some day. Two of my girls have serious special needs, but I'm doing well. I also just moved and have contractors here, even today, but my new home is in far worse shape than my previous 100+ yr. old home was. They don't build them like they used to. I can't wait to read your blog.

  2. Kimi! Is this you? I heard about you from Shecki. So glad to reconnect! Are you on Facebook? That's where I post these days. Hoping to restart the blog. I stopped posting when I went back to teaching 2 years ago.