Monday, September 27, 2010

Show Us Your Life - Master Bedroom

I'm a little late on this, but Kelly from Kelly's Korner is doing a Tour Our Homes post every Friday. This (past!) Friday - see I really am a little late - the room of the week was the Master Bedroom. So, I present to you, our new-old-in-progress master bedroom.

Some of the details: glass knobs on all our doors, rug from market in Hughesville, dresser from when I was a little girl.

The chandelier above our bed. I love the medallion above it. I won't tell you how many weeks it took us to figure out the dimmer switch on this fixture.

Lingerie chest: my dad gave this to me when I graduated from Winthrop. Flat screen TV is a newer addition.

Fireplace: difficult to see here, but all painted black, with tile hearth. My portrait is there temporarily, looking for a gold-framed mirror for above the mantle.

Built-in bookshelf. We were told that at the time this house was built (~1897-99) built-in bookshelves were a sign of affluence, since not everyone could afford books. Thankfully, books are much more affordable these days!
Close-up of bedspread, from Pottery Barn. I was looking for a print to lighten up our very dark room.

When we bought the house, this room was already painted a very dark red. The doors, wide baseboards, and molding were white. The draperies matched the paint perfectly. We liked it - besides, who wants to try to paint over all that dark red! - so we decided to keep it. I chose the comforter for its relatively bright colors - and if we ever want to change the wall color, it will be easy to pick a color from the print. I'd like to eventually replace the rug with a lighter one. Still lots to do in this room, but it's comfortable and I think lovely in its own way, so we're good for now. I'm sorry that some of the pictures are blurry on closeup, but my daily chauffeur service is due to start, so I don't have time to take new ones!

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  1. Stopping by from Kelly's Korner (and looking for ideas for our Master Bedroom!) I love your room! (I'm partial to red - our old Master bedroom was red and I loved it) This is so warm and cozy and comforting - exactly what I think a Master Bedroom should be. And those linens are gorgeous!