Saturday, October 30, 2010

A few Autumn and Halloween decorations

Since this is our first year in this house, I'm enjoying decorating as the new seasons roll around. I have to admit that Jacob did most of our decorating this year. He seems to be channeling his grandfather since he has the same great love of every holiday (except Valentine's Day, maybe he'll change his mind about that one when he's a little older.)

Here are a few pictures of our autumn/Halloween decorations.

Our front porch: We found the birdcage at the Salvation Army's Thrift Store. It has a few mini pumpkins and gourds inside. The urn has some wheat and a big pumpkin inside - this urn and its mate will go out front with some colorful pansies on Monday.

The mantel. Not very artistic, we just put some pumpkins, ribbon, and candles up among the regular pictures. We still need to get the pictures hung up in this room. The plaster is skeery! I'm not crazy about those white wall sconces, I think we can find some that fit the room better than those.

I love these little white pumpkins. The candle stand came from a little shop in downtown Leesville.

This bowl, from Southern Living at Home, gets a different look as the seasons turn. Now it has some pinecones and pumpkins in it.

And in the backroom, AKA The Internet Cafe, our candle holder (found in an antiques shop in Abbeville), is filled with a fall candle and acorns. Little guys and then some huge acorns from a white oak that I found at Chase's last cross country meet. (hey, I have to do something while the runners are out of sight!)

The rest are Jacob's decorations. I didn't take pictures of the various ghosts and spider webs throughout the house. Didn't want you to think my house is haunted or spider web-y ;-)

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