Saturday, November 27, 2010

Black Friday Shopping, Arnold style

We aren't much for Black Friday shopping. We like to sleep a little too much. Especially the day after we got up before the crack of dawn to make sure the 23 lb turkey made it into the oven in time.

Here's our version of Black Friday shopping: Sleep until after 8. Have breakfast pancakes made from leftover mashed potatoes (yum!) Stroll on over to Main Street and check out the new Christmas decorations. Check out the antique malls: Remnants and Apple Dumplin Antiques We always, always find something we like at Apple Dumplings and the prices are always so good. If you're in the Upstate or just passing through, it's definitely worth your time to stop by - tell Kay that Chris and Lisa sent you!

We weren't looking for anything special. Maybe some things to help our holiday decorating since it's our first Christmas in this house. Here's what we found:

Three candle holders with new candles - still in the wrappers. I've been looking for some to go on our bedroom mantel with the new painting we got on our 20th anniversary trip to Charleston last month. $12.50 for all 3 candle holders AND the candles. Told you the prices are really good!

Nine dessert glasses, with etching. I thought these were really pretty and they fit right in our china cabinet. $15 for all 9.

A close-up view:

I've been looking for one of these: a large glass cannister with a wide mouth for my bread flour. $7.50

Not quite sure what the original intent of this was, but we're using it to hold a large red candle for Christmas. $5.99

I don't think my brother reads this blog, but on the off chance he does, I won't show a picture of what we happened to find for him for Christmas. But I hope he likes it. I've been known to give him a tulip bowl in the past, so you never know.



  1. Where in SC are you? We are in Florence. I would love, love, love an 111 year old house! Oh my. And you homeschool too! And I heart your pie safe. I want a pie safe, that is my ultimate wish list gift.

    Thanks so much for stopping by!

    Heather@ The Other White House

  2. Hi Heather - We're in Anderson. We'd planned to build a house here when my husband retired but found this one and fell in love!

    I'm enjoying your blog :)


  3. We are in Florence. Never in my wildest dreams did I think I would end up in Florence.