Monday, April 25, 2011

Arnold (and Williamson) Easter

We had such a nice Easter. I have a grand total of *1* picture, our annual Arnold children Easter photo: this time with Mom and Dad since Grandmama was here to take the picture.

We started the day with church services - we love our church here so much, our rector is wonderful. The building is beautiful, even older than our house, and there is an amazing pipe organ. The Easter music was beautiful, we have a great organist and my husband Chris played the trumpet in yesterday's services. There was an egg hunt on the grounds right after the service - where the children dug up 'Alleluia', which had been missing during Lent. Then we had Easter dinner, with aunts and uncles and a Grandmama. Everyone brought dishes and it was a feast. For my part, I made a summer squash casserole, roasted asparagus (from my aunt and uncle's garden, yum!) and made a triple dessert: chocolate cheesecake, lemon bar cheesecake, and strawberry swirl pound cake, with fresh strawberries we picked Saturday morning from Hardy Berry Farm. Can you tell I gave up sugar for Lent?

Elaine and Buddy host an Easter egg extravaganza every year. This is only the second year we've been able to attend (have I mentioned how nice it is to spend holidays with the family without having to travel for hours and hours?) Even though the children are older, everyone enjoys the hunt. This year the party was down near the creek, so beautiful and a good excuse for a new tradition: racing the eggs down the creek! Buddy brought his grill down and we had hotdogs, fresh fruit, and many desserts. The hunt itself is always entertaining. My niece and cousin's little girl have allergies, so the candy for the eggs is carefully selected and Buddy and Elaine add a little money to the eggs: quarters and if you're lucky, a dollar bill or 2.

It is really fun for me to get together with my Williamson cousins - we were all there yesterday. I was the only girl growing up, but this new generation is dominated by girls. Quite a change!

Brianna left to go back to school for exams, but she'll be home for the summer in another week. I'm glad she was home for Easter.

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