Friday, April 15, 2011


This beauty came to live at our house today.

One of the reasons we loved this house was because our furniture fit into it so nicely. We didn't need to buy anything new. But, we did have this one empty wall in the dining room. We kept thinking that it would be nice to find a buffet or sideboard to fit there. We enjoy hosting family meals, and it would be nice to be able to put the food on the buffet so we'd have more room on the table. We've found a few we like, but this one is really perfect. It fits exactly into the space, goes well with the other furniture in the dining room, and was a really good deal - just in time for hosting Easter dinner in just a few days.

Chris is calling it Jimmy. You know, as in Jimmy Buffet. Now you know why I married him. A laugh a minute

Pardon the glare. Jimmy's so bright he has to wear shades. And that's Scout checking him out.

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