Saturday, July 16, 2011

Out and About in Charleston

Today we went into downtown historic Charleston. I remembered my camera for once. We started out at the Battery, showed the children where we stayed for our anniversary, headed down by Rainbow Row, to the pier, where a lovely cruise ship was blocking our view of the bridge, onto the area around College of Charleston where we found my Great Aunt Lizzie's house and Episcopal (!) church, to the open air market - which has been partially enclosed since our last visit, then on to Magnolia Cemetery where we unsuccessfully looked for Aunt Lizzie and her husband's graves. We'll have to come back when the office is open and can show us. Back to our cottage and on to the highest climbing wall in South Carolina - Jacob conquered 2 of the walls there, he was wayyyyy up there!

Here are a few photos. I believe we have found our new Solomon's!

Jacob on the 50 ft climbing wall:

He made it to the top right after this picture!

Hey! Move over cruise ship, we want to see the bridge!

Not sure what was so funny, swinging on the pier:

Now that's a fountain! Not sure what my children are doing....

On the Battery:

At the Market

Tree growing out of Lauryn's head at the College of Charleston

Family lore: This house was built by my Great Aunt Lizzie and her husband Henry. My grandparents visited this house on their Charleston honeymoon in the early 1930s. It's now a sorority house for the College of Charleston. Nobody appeared to be home today, so we'll have to come back when school is in session to see if we can get a tour like my brother did. My brother: The Sorority Sister Sweetalker.

In this picture, if you look carefully to the right of the house, you can see the steeple of Grace Episcopal Church, where Aunt Lizzie attended. This seemed ironic to us, since you can see our church, Grace Episcopal, from our house on the other side of the state. Who knew I had Episcopal relatives? Apparently every few generations in my family, somebody marries an Episcopalian.

Speaking of Episcopal churches, this is St. Philip's. Chris and I attended a service here on our anniversary back in October.

We went to Magnolia Cemetery to see if we could find Aunt Lizzie's grave. The office was closed and we didn't have any luck finding it on our own, but we did find a fascinating cemetery with some very interesting tombstones. Also, some fascinating trees, especially this one. It was huge, with limbs that went from the tree, into the ground, and back out again. One large limb had broken off from the tree, but must have then rooted where it fell because it was still living with new limbs, weird! There were ponds around the cemetery - and I don't think I'll ever get used to the signs around here that say, 'Please don't feed the alligators." Yikes!

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