Monday, July 25, 2011

Summertime Supper

I decided to try this recipe for a Tomato Pie in the new Southern Living magazine. I was amazed at how flavorful it is! I'm lousy at any kind of pie crust, so this one didn't look so great (might help if I had an actual lovely pie dish) but it was tasty. I did add a little sour cream to the cheese mixture - I'm not a big fan of mayo (What?? And I call myself a Southerner??) but the finished product didn't taste like mayo at all. I also used a 6 cheese mixture instead of just parmesan because that's what I saw at the store today. Tomatoes were from my SIL, Leanne - is there anything better than an all red summer tomato? I think not. Also, fresh basil from our herb garden. My very, very favorite herb.

To go along with the tomato pie: fried okra, picked fresh this morning, butterpeas, and my grandmother's Hot Sauce. Once again, I wish I could ask her why she called it Hot Sauce - it is most definitely sweet, even though I cut the sugar in the recipe in half.

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