Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Stroll Around the Backyard

Since this heatwave is making it no fun to actually be outside in the yard, I have a little time to post in the nice, cool AC. Here are a few random shots around the backyard this summer.

Some extra oregano and rosemary, hiding out under the huge fig bush. In Maryland, we had a big, round herb garden that started out as a pizza garden. At this house, we have herbs scattered all over the yard.

Scout's little obsession: figs. Busted!

A few New Guinea impatiens right outside the back door.

On the other side of the back door, some mint - especially delicious in that Southern staple, sweet tea.

Two different types of thyme.

Brick patio + Scout. 4 pots of basil plants to bring in at the first sign of cold weather. Something has been chomping on my basil plants this year, I have declared war!

Brick patio - Scout

Garden gone wild! Tomatoes, peppers, echinacea, black-eyed susans, butterfly bush, etc.

A few black-eyed Susans (Maryland's state flower) in an old bottle we found in the backyard.

Cement planter with more New Guinea impatiens. This picture makes me think of what the yard might have looked like 100 years ago.


  1. i love it. I really love the way you have your mint growing out of the wall like that.